Wings of Thought by Steven Harris

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These 49 inspired poems and essays with cranes express Steven Harris’ gift of hope and caring – the same feelings that countless people have discovered upon meeting cranes. Yet Steven lives within limits imposed by a severe brain injury. He cannot talk, walk or even sit unassisted. Recognizing ourselves in his poems, we wonder once again what is truly essential to the human experience.

Steven’s poems come from a life lived close to cranes. He has accompanied his parents to crane places near and far -- Jim Harris and Su Liying have worked for ICF many years.

International Crane Foundation

At Momoge

Even one thousand cranes
are small in this world.
They stand in blue water
under blue sky so deep
we cannot see the white birds
dropping from heaven.

Their voices carry farther
than sight, down down
to us little ones
flat on earth.

Our hearts leap,
the closest we will
ever come to flying.
Life is more beautiful
than dreams.