Symbols of Longevity Korean Lacquer Ware Box

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The Korean Symbols of Longevity include the sun, deer, pine boughs, clouds, water, mushrooms, mountains, turtles, rocks, and, of course - cranes! Many are pictured on this exquisitely crafted lacquer ware box, the perfect vessel for your treasure possessions. The exterior of the box depicts a scene with ten graceful cranes and deer among ancient pines and wildflowers. Open the box to reveal a stunning Mother of Pearl interior.

Evidence of this ancient art form has been found on the Korean Peninsula dating back to 202 BCE–206 CE. A single piece, such as this box, can take as long as one year to produce. The skilled artisan must painstakingly layer the lacquer with individually cut pieces of shell, allow it to dry, sand it by hand, and polish it to a deep luster.