Red-crowned Cranes of Hokkaido Silk Scarf

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This striking design was inspired by a visit to see the Red-crowned Cranes that live year-round on Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido. Red-crowned Cranes are an important symbol in Japanese culture. Their association with peace, fidelity, good fortune, and long life are now known around the world. Each winter, the birds gather in farmer's fields where they are fed field corn to help them endure Hokkaido's winters that are filled with snow and cold. Between meals, they perform their joyful courtship dances, strengthening their bond with their lifelong partner. Hot springs keep the rivers open all winter long, providing the cranes with a safe place to roost each night.

Our Red-crowned Cranes of Hokkaido Silk Scarf was created exclusively for the International Crane Foundation and measures 20" wide by 70" long. Dry clean only.
International Crane Foundation