George's Grandchildren

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A Description of this Exclusive Piece by Janet Flynn:


"Late in 2018 before the International Crane Foundation closed for the season I went out to walk the trails and as I passed through the gift shop a staff member said Dr. George Archibald, cofounder of The International Crane Foundation had been through earlier in the day and said he was going out to visit his grandchildren. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful inspiration for a painting.

So, here I am 2 years after cataloging the title for a painting titled “George’s Grandchildren” to share with you how this inspiration became a work of art in my studio this year. After reading George’s accounts of his work in the field in Sauk County this year documenting the mating and raising of a chick by whooping cranes I was so inspired and ready to work on “George’s Grandchildren”. The most amazing thing happened to a most amazing person. Not only are whooping cranes wild in Wisconsin today but they have nested in Sauk County. Thank you George and for everyone that helped make this happen."


Please call 608 485-1729 with any questions regarding this print.  Limited, signed and matted, measuring 16" X 20".  An opportunity to own a beautiful print from the original art piece as gifted by Janet to Dr. George Archibald.


International Crane Foundation