"Marsh" is for Sandhill Cranes!

7th Mar 2020

"Marsh" is for Sandhill Cranes!

This month, we embrace all things spring, including one of nature’s most breathtaking events, the Sandhill Crane migration. To celebrate this wonderful phenomenon, our shop is featuring the heartwarming book of Margie K. Carroll, A Busy Week for Salvador the Sandhill Crane.

Margie began using her animal photography in children’s nature books in 2010 after she realized there weren’t many children’s books featuring actual photography. Even more scarce were children’s book with photography that told a story.

In all seven of Margie’s books nothing bad happens, which is a good thing! The young animals tell their story, and the problems or situation at hand are resolved by the end of the book. Each book features vocabulary words, questions and the “story behind the story,” at the back of the book. Three of Margie’s books are even being used in Texas by the Cherokee County School District as part of their environmental issues curriculum.

Margie K. Carroll was born in Texas, raised in Georgia and New Mexico, and has resided in North Georgia for the past 35 years. She was always the one at family gatherings with a camera, was fascinated with black and white classical photography, and desired to express her love of nature through photographs. For Margie, “It is a form of show and tell, a way of sharing one’s life with others.”

Her photography and writings have been featured for years in Mountain Life Magazine and in publications representing 18 counties in Florida and north Georgia.