Bat Basics

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Explore the everyday lives of bats! Bats have been misunderstood for generations, yet, they are essential to a healthy ecosystem. From insect control to pollination services, we need bats more than most people know. Bat Basics separates fact from fiction in a fascinating, fun guide to the world's only flying mammals. Author Karen Krebbs has been studying bats for more than 30 years. She lectures, teaches, and even trains government workers on the subject, and now she's sharing her expertise with you. Learn the Bat Basics, such as how they use echolocation, why they hibernate, and what they eat. Discover bat myths that you probably thought were true. Find out how to bat-proof a house. Then turn to the field guide section, and identify a variety of common and important-to-know species. Projects, activities, and tips for helping the bat population round out this comprehensive guide. Get Bat Basics, and read all about why bats should be celebrated- not feared!