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Enjoy Being A Craniac!

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Have you ever wondered, “Do I fit the definition of a Craniac?” The International Crane Foundation’s own Betsy Didrickson, Information Services Manager, created the perfect definition, as follows:

Cra ni ac/ krane,ak/noun

  • 1. An obsessive enthusiast of various large wading birds of the family Gruidae
  • 2.A human being belonging to a non-profit group: “a member of the International Crane Foundation flock”

Perfectly written! Betsy is the author of The Quality of Cranes, a delightful little book with a comprehensive collection of facts, folklore and tales for all ages about a most remarkable family of birds. Perfect as a gift for a friend, or for yourself, this book is available for sale in the Gift Shop web store www.craneshop.org , or phone by calling 608 356-9462 x 171.

Couple Betsy’s book with one of our beautiful logo coffee mugs for a perfect afternoon read, an enjoyable coffee break! 

I Give A Whoop!

What exactly is a “Craniac” and why should they Keep Calm and Crane On?Recently Crane Research Coordinator Anne Lacey assisted the US Fish & Wildlife Department, with the assistance of the Florida Wildlife & Conservation Committee with the relocation of a population of non-migratory Whooping Cranes to join another population of non-migratory Whooping Cranes located in Louisiana. The birds had [...]

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Keep Calm And Crane On!

Since taking over the management of the International Crane Foundation’s Gift Shop 2 ½ years ago, I had my eye set on creating a world marketplace shopping experience for our guests. The Gift Shop, located in the Cudahy Visitor’s Center on our campus in Baraboo, Wisconsin, soon became a destination shopping experience for visitors from near and far.My goal [...]

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